The Post Contemporary Record project was born out of deep belief that visual art and recorded music were innately linked.  The close of the 20th century was also the advent of digital recording and distribution of music, pushing down the popularity and sales of vinyl LPs .  While pondering my own justifications for continuing to amass a vinyl record collection, and with the popularity of records increasing once more here in the second decade of the twenty first century, I realize that all along it must have been something about the very physicality, the object-ness, of records that I valued.  For me, the experience of listening to records has always involved looking at the accompanying visuals of an album's cover art, insert photos, and design language.  

In order to celebrate the unique physical value of albums, I began to create my own works in 2015 that emphasized the visual qualities of these objects and often referred to but did not include aural elements. Together, these collages, screen prints, and zines are grouped under the project heading The Post Contemporary Record Label.  These works are included in The Post Contemporary Record Store, a pop-up shop/installation/gallery etc. that features the works of many other talented artists also exploring the connections between art, music, and design.