The modern record store is a place where some go to lose themselves, digging through crates alone in their own world. Frequently though it is also a place to interact with the clerks and fellow music collectors in discussions about all things music.  It is a place of commerce but also of camaraderie, almost a bar without the alcohol one might say. The PCR Archive is an attempt to capture some of the stories that come out when people start talking about records; holding a physical copy of an album can transport one back to a memory associated with the music. While the data below may seem only anecdotal, in aggregate it helps provide evidence as to why music becomes fundamentally important to us as individuals, and points to the power of vinyl records.  The Archive ultimately hopes to add a few more pieces of evidence toward better understanding the universal human experience of making connections through music and art.


Archive Entry: 01

Rose Wyn

The Smiths: Hatful of Hollow


Archive Entry: 02


Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra Visits Planet Earth

Archive Entry: 03 


Neutral Milk Hotel

Archive Entry: 04


Sam Cooke: The Man and His Music

Archive Entry: 05


John Coltrane: A Love Supreme


Archive Entry: 06


Fleetwood Mac: Rumours